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By Michael Thomsett - America's Best-Selling Author on Options. 

We provide education on Options Trading in a variety of ways and we like to think we have something for everybody. If you are just visiting, please enjoy our Free Content where you can read over 200 completely free educational articles on a wide variety of options topics.

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Learn How to Trade Options Yourself and Make Money the Old-Fashioned Way - EARN IT!

What better way to educate you than to show you how I personally trade options?

All the trades I place on this site are created and managed solely by me, Michael Thomsett, using the experiences I have gained from trading options for more than 35 years. Everything you see is a real-time trade using standard brokerage software. That being said, to avoid any conflict of interest, neither I nor any member of my staff hold any of these positions in any of our personal accounts, so you can be confident that nobody on this site is engaging in a ‘pump and dump’ or similar underhanded tactic. The purpose of the option trades I present on this site is solely to educate you, the member, so that you can learn from what you see here and improve your own options education. Although I may showcase a wide variety of options strategies (especially as requested by members), the primary focus of my trades is to showcase Advanced Techniques like the Dividend Collar, the 1-2-3 Butterfly Trade, and other more complex scenarios that members most often need help understanding. Does that sound like you? If so, then...