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Great News – Michael Thomsett now publishes a premium version of his popular newsletter – “Thomsett’s Option Beat.” This service is available as one of our membership options – you can learn more on the Become a Member Page

Meanwhile, click on the following link to download a sample copy to get an idea of what’s inside each issue…

Newsletter Sample

Information about how you can subscribe to the service will be coming soon, but for now we wanted to tell you what you’ll find inside the pages of each and every issue of Thomsett’s Option Beat.

As you can see from the preview edition, the newsletter is designed to give you access to information, trade strategies, and in-depth analysis of specific trades. Based on feedback and ideas from members, we’ve also added the following NEW features as well:

     Thomsett University – Here’s your chance to learn from “Professor Thomsett” himself! This exciting new feature includes a case history showcasing an actual trade from the Member’s Virtual Portfolio. The Professor will provide a deeper dive into the entire trade so you can learn more about WHY he made/managed the trade like he did. Included in the discussion is a Candlestick Chart analysis; the rationale for entering and managing the trade; and the timing/reasons for finally closing the positions. Thomsett University is also an INTERACTIVE experience — that means you as the reader will be given the opportunity to provide YOUR feedback in an associated section of the forum where you can explain why you might have used a different strategy or managed/time the trade differently in a different way. Are you ready to go to class with the Professor?

     Chart of the month – You’ve asked for more in-depth analysis of Candlestick Charting and here it is. If you want to learn one of the secrets of Michael’s trading success, you’ll definitely want to look at the Chart of the Month section. Here Michael Thomsett will review the trading prospects of a specific stock or ETF by using Candlestick Charting techniques in order to highlight the signals he looks for to initiate/manage his trades — including the all-important reversal signals and confirmations he looks for. The Chart of the Month feature is one of Michael’s “Keys to the Kingdom” – and now he’s giving it to YOU!

 Members’ Virtual Portfolio summaries – As you know, Michael makes a lot of trades in the Member’s Virtual Portfolio in order to teach the community about a wide variety of options strategies. We often get requests for a list of what the currently OPEN positions are. This feature will provide not only a review of the Performance of recently closing trades but also a complete list of CURRENT holdings in the portfolio at the time of the newsletter publication.

Featured Strategy – Here’s another chance to expand your options education with Michael Thomsett.  In the Featured Strategy section, Michael explains a specific options trading technique and give you an example of how to use it. This is yet another tool for your toolbox.

Inside each issue you’ll also find the features you’ve come to enjoy from our previous newsletter service – including Michael’s exclusive Commentary, time-saving Links to Free Articles on the main site, and more.


How do I subscribe to the Newsletter?

Visit the Become a Member Page to learn more